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Mr. Allyan Too is a renowned film producer who started his career in Malaysia film industry since 1993. He has produced numerous TV dramas, film and commercials. He is also actively involved in co-productions with the overseas film companies based in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, and Singapore to promote and develop the Malaysian film industry.

Founder, C.E.O
Allyan Too
  • YOLO(Hong Kong,2018)
  • Blade Dancer(China,2018)
  • Friend Zone(Thailand,2018)
  • Us Upon A Time(China,2018)
  • RISE: Ini Kalilah(Malaysia,2018)
  • Original Sin(China,2018)
  • The City of Chaos(China,2018)
  • Hello, Mrs. Money(China,2018)
  • Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me (China,2017)
  • Shining Love(China,2017)
  • The Leakers(Hong Kong,2017)
  • Topaz Island(China,2017)
  • The Cursed(Hong Kong,2016)
  • Operation Mekong(Hong Kong,2016)
  • Last Flight II: Lost in the Pacific(China,2016)
  • Death Trip(China,2015)
  • Kung Fu Taboo(Malaysia,2015)
  • The Viral Factor(Hong Kong,2012)
  • The Collector(Malaysia,2012)
  • Greedy Ghost(Singapore,2012)
  • Twisted The Movie(Singapore,2012)
  • Perfect Rivals(Singapore,2011)
  • Phua Chu Kang The Movie(Singapore,2010)
  • Ice Kacang Puppy Love(Malaysia,2010)
  • Kami The Movie(Malaysia,2008)
  • 童心(Taiwan,2007)
  • Young Cop(Taiwan,2005)
  • Take 2 in Life(Hong Kong,2001)
  • Skyline Cruisers(Hong Kong,2000)
  • Summer Holiday(Hong Kong,1999)
  • What a Wonderful World(Hong Kong,1996)
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Filmforce Studio, Filmmaker Studio bring together experienced domestic professionals in various fields and uphold the three principles of professionalism, credibility and due diligence to become the vanguard of the film and television industry in Malaysia. Through the concept of cooperation and strategic partnership, we will work together with excellent teams both at home and abroad to jointly create a vast and diversified film and television platform to explore the development and pattern of Malaysian film and television.

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  • Improve the quality and standard of Malaysian cinema with international standards as the target
  • provide a comprehensive production and service platform for Malaysia and international film and television
  • Strategic alliance with film and television industry in Asia to achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation
  • Raise Malaysia's film industry to become a popular filming hub and tourist destination in Asia.
  • Establish Malaysia's professional image in Asia's film industry.
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